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Detail Id Product Name Style Product Function Description
Product Detail 1 Zen charcoal bowl zen bowl Zen charcoal bowl
Product Detail 2 Blue Grey Bowl blue-striped bowl blue grey bowl
Product Detail 6 Green Butter Bowl blue-striped bowl Green butter bowl
Product Detail 12 Charcoal leafing lidded jar leafing bowl Charcoal leafing lidded jar
Product Detail 17 Blue Bowls blue-striped bowl Blue Bowls
Product Detail 20 Bowl with tree logo tree-of-life bowl Bowl with tree of life logo
Product Detail 25 Red rimmed bowls 3 red-rim bowl Red rimmed bowls - set of 3
Product Detail 31 charcoal/tan Fluid Set of three bowls fluid bowl charcoal/tan Fluid Set of three bowls
Product Detail 33 blue/green Flluid nesting bowls fluid bowl blue/green Fluid nesting bowls
Product Detail 35 charcoal/tan bowl and chopstick bowl fluid bowl charcoal/tan bowl and chopstick bowl
Product Detail 37 small bowl - charcoal/tan fluid glaze fluid bowl small bowl -charcoal/tan fluid glaze - pictured...
Product Detail 40 leafing blue bowl leafing bowl leafing blue bowl
Product Detail 41 Red rimmed appetizer bowl red-rim bowl Red rimmed appetizer bowl
Product Detail 49 leafing bowls leafing bowl leafing bowls
Product Detail 48 french butter dishes red-rim pot French butter dishes
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