2 blue Galliano Bowls on a board by Matthew Freed

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Feb 6th '21

Having fun in 2021

The early months of the year are always full of a spark of creativity - less pressure means more time to play and try new things. I'm working on some new projects that I can't wait to share with you very soon!

Cheers, Matthew

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Matthew Freed Pottery Studio work large bowl

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All the very best in 2021

Cheers to looking forward to a better year ahead!
Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and festive 2021.

Tree of Life Teaset by Matthew Freed


Enjoy your festive season! Let's put a bow on 2020 and move on!

Wishing everyone a fantastic festive season! Follow my lead and enjoy some decadence!

Yaletown Belly Mug in a winter wonderland by Matthew Freed


New Website Launched!

I am so thrilled to launch a new swish website this week! I hope you all enjoy the new slick design and that you find it easy to navigate. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm also excited to be able to post updates directly on my site so you can keep up to date with what I am up to. Thanks to Dan for his brilliant work on this!

Matthew Freed - art for everyday life


Cancellations at the Winter Farmers Market

Unfortunately I will not be attending the Riley Park Winter Farmers Market tomorrow or on December 12th. Overnight, new government restrictions came into effect that disallow artisans from participating although the market will be running as scheduled. Sadly this was the last door that remained open to me for direct sales this holiday season. I will continue to update my web store as new works are created.

Kitsilano Collection: Bowls, Mugs and a Vase by Matthew Freed


Support small businesses!

Here's a sampling of my new work recently taken to the Circle Craft shop at Granville Island. Lots of small businesses on Granville Island could use your love this holiday season - if you are able to support them then please do so.

Yaletown collection by Matthew Freed


More mugs coming!

So many blank canvases in the works. It's great to see such a surge in web store activity the last few weeks and to see a whack of locals taking advantage of the delivery option. I'll be updating new products weekly as they are created so keep checking in.

100 blank mugs by Matthew Freed


I'm happy!

The Eastside Culture Crawl is on (this weekend and next).
Nice to see so many familiar faces so far!
It's a year of quality versus quantity and I'm really pleased so far.

Appointments must be pre-booked: click here

Culture Crawl 2020

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11/28/20 : 10am - 2pm

 Riley Park in Vancouver, B.C.

Riley Park Winter Farmer's Market

Find more information about the market at eatlocal.org


10/24/20 : 9am - 2pm

 Trout Lake

East Vancouvers Farmers Market

Find more information about the market at eatlocal.org


10/17/20 : 9am - 2pm

 Nelson Park

West End Farmer's Market

Find more information about the market at eatlocal.org